Who are we ?

We are a family of 4: Marion and Maxence, the parents and our children Inahi and Mïo. We have a dog, probably the nicest in the world, called Ily.

We became owners of the gites in 2021, taking over from Juliette Borg, who was great in helping us make the transition.

Marion is a teacher. She has been assigned to Nyons for several years. She likes to run, does improvisational theater at the Nyons competition and always has a smile. If you come during school time, you see her very little because her work takes up her time. She is not very comfortable with foreign languages, but can understand English in a calm conversation.

Maxence is an actor. He created the performance hall “l’Electron Libre” in Nyons as well as several Escape Game scenarios (” Agence E.SCAPE“). He plays from time to time in the region, but regularly travels to the four corners of France. By taking over the lodges, he chose to focus his activity on autumn and winter, without it being exclusive. Maxence likes to run, is passionate about a lot of subjects, and always has the word to laugh! A priori, it is he who will welcome you, especially during school periods. You can chat with Maxence in English or Spanish. He is learning Dutch, but it is not easy at 40 years old!

Inahi was born in 2007. She attends the Lycée de Nyons. Mïo was born in 2009. He is affiliated with the Collège de Nyons. They are a little reserved, but extremely nice and helpful. If you happen to come across them, you will find them adorable!

Illy was born in 2014. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie cross. She is relatively imposing, but very calm and very sweet. Even people who don’t particularly like animals love it! To this day, everyone asks to say goodbye to our dog when they leave, that’s to say!

We are a fairly quiet family. We want holidaymakers in our gites to have the best possible time. We are not insistent at all: if you want to be alone and quiet, you don’t have to do anything! Conversely, if you need advice or want to talk to us, do not hesitate to take the first step: we will be delighted to be there.

PS: If you want to enter the universe of our family, you can visit our youtube page. Indeed, during the first confinement, we posted a short funny video every day to pass the time. We have had the honors of television, and some videos have been viewed more than 20,000 times on social networks!