Rates 2021- 2022

Rates are best rendered on computer or tablet.

Mont Ventoux
Village de Venterol et ses lavandes
Château Vérone - Vinsobres

The Gîtes 1 – 4 people


01/01 – 16/04

16/04 – 30/04

30/04 – 04/06

04/06 – 02/07

02/07 – 20/08

20/08 – 24/09

24/09 – 22/10 

22/10 – 01/01


360 €

380 €

450 €

580 €

880 €

580 €

380 €

360 €

5% reduction for 2 or more entire weeks.

Day (1)

69 €

73 €

84 €

106 €

156 €

106 €

73 €

69 €

Day (1): minimum 3 nights’ stay, cleaning costs included

Day (2)


64 €

75 €

97 €

147 €

97 €

64 €

60 €

Day (2): extra days after or before a week


Final cleaning costs: 55 €
Deposit/stay: 150 €
Pet: 15 €

Examples of calculation:

– you wish to stay 2 weeks and 2 days, arrival being on a Sunday? The rental rate will be counted over 2 weeks, with 5% reduction, and 2 additional days rated as days (2). The end cleaning costst will be counted over the whole stay.

– you wish to stay 3 days, e.g. a long weekend from Friday to Tuesday? In this case, the rental rate will be counted over 3 days according to the rate mentioned in day (1).

Ask us for a quotation.

Piscine - Gîtes la Françonne - Mirabel aux Baronnies
Gîte Blanc - Gîtes la Françonne - Mirabel aux Baronnies
Terrasse et vue La Source - Gîtes la Françonne - Mirabel aux Baronnies
Included in the rental rate

All rates include TVA (VAT), use of water, electricity and wifi, heating, linen and tourist tax. Rates are by the week, marked from Saturday 3PM ’till Saturday 10AM, this being any day of the week.

The dayly rates are mentioned.

Booking procedure

If you book and the dates are available, we will send you by e-mail an invoice for the whole stay. It will mention the costs involved, as well as the deposit.

• Within 7 days after sending this invoice, you will have to pay 30% of the rental rate as well as the deposit. We will send you a confirmation of receipt immediately. Your booking is definite now.

• The remainder of the rental rate, being 70%, should be paid at last 30 days before the start of your stay. Again we will send a confirmation of receipt and the indications how to access our premises.

The invoice and all the mail-traffic between us constitute the rental bail.

Final cleaning costs

Final cleaning costs are 55€ for the gîtes.

Final cleaning costs are compulsory as we always do the cleaning ourselves. The aim is to have an exactly identical clean house for every guest arriving.

At the end of your stay, we ask you to do the dishwashing, take your garbage to the containers and swipe the property.


We will pay back the deposit, minus the final cleaning costs, and eventual other costs, within a week after your departure.

Cancelling your stay

We recommend you take an insurance for cancellation. All our transactions are taking place under French legislation and our General conditions of the SARL Françonne, which you can download here (in French). 

Booking costs

We do not count booking costs.

Financial transactions

All payments pass by bank accounts or Paypal (by e-mail address and your Paypal). If any costs are involved, e.g. currency change or bank/Paypal costst, these will be deduced from the deposit to be paid back.

Rent all the property for a large group

That is possible, as long as the maximum size of your group does not exceed 12 people. Please ask us for a quotation.