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The pool (FAQ)

Is the pool heated?
Yes, by covering the pool during the time that it is not used with a bubble deck, which catches the warmth and keeps it on a nice temperature.

Is the pool always open?
Yes, unless
- a thunderstorm is coming up
- there is maintenance needed
- people are complaining about noise especially in the evening, early in the morning or at night.

In which time of the year the pool is open?
- from 3rd week of April until end of October, and it depends on the weather, the amount of
leaves falling in the water and the number of guests that would like to use it

How many people have access tot the pool?
All tennants have acces tout the pool, as well as from the gîtes as from the house.

How big is the pool?
- broad 6,5 meters
- length11,5 meters
- the basin has the shape of an 8
One half is
1.30 meteres deep, the other 1.50 meters.

Is the pool safe for young children?
The pool and the terrace are fenced, whereas there is an alarm system in the pool itself. Children up to 12 years are not allowed to go to the pool without a parent.

The entrance to the pool is a concrete stair with alongside a concrete bench.

How safe is the water?
The pool is filled with drinkable water. Its quality is proofed dayly. The water is cleaned by chlorid.

Is there any surveillance?
No there is not. Hence the obligation that parents are always present and take responsibility for their children. Children under 12 years are not allowed alone at the pool (French law).

Can children play in and around the pool?
Just outside the fence is a play ground. On demand we put a toddler plastic pool in place. There are some toys for the pool.

What does the terrace look like and is there sufficient  privacy?
The terrace around the pool is a wooden deck, partly covered with artificial grass. It is strongly recommended to wear flipflops at all times.

There is hardly any view from the quiet little road that goes by  La Françonne. Plantations secure your  privacy. There is a magnificent open view to the vineyards and Mont Ventoux.

Are there a toilet and a shower?
In the technical room is a toilet. Just outside there is a shower.

Are there chairs at the pool?
Yes, there are always sufficient chairs, lazy chairs and little tables.

Are there shadowy places around the pool?
Yes, the shadow comes from the plantation and from beautiful platane trees, as well as from an oak tree..